Outsourcing values, we won!

April 22, 2008

What, you didnt think all this was a joke ?
The war, the economy…har har har; it was all a joke, dont ya get it?

Almost everywhere you look you see the influence of Western(Bestern) culture. You see people starving to death in nike shoes. You see people killed with beatle haircuts and disco pants. You see nazi’s as priests and governors too.

And you thought America was stupid!
Mind Hack.


Break up

April 16, 2008

I dont want to be writing this, but today was the day of the big B(breakup). It’s in Vogue nowadays; everybody does it. So today I’m not as hurt as I’ve been before. Oh, there’s the fam-ill feeling, but it doesnt hurt anymore. Murders, baby rapers, war, blah blah….breaking up doesnt mean what it used to.

Ever wonder about her?

April 2, 2008

Is she in  hormonal limbo?

“I want to be single, and maybe so does DePaulo, but we might live to regret promoting this simple, free, self-indulgent life-style.”

You’re  probably right, and thats her right.

Now you KNOW. Or do you?


April 2, 2008

Can Hillary be a quality person, an honorable person,  if she’s still married to whats his name? I say, no way. Can she govern, “ok?” `Prolly.

I think the kind of person most Americans want as a president, is someone who would have divorced him. But that makes her just as bad as him, because yshe needs that “power” dope. She’s an addict.


Or have things changed?

Would divorcing him have got her this far?
Or Is she in too deep?
And what  does infidelity  say to the World…anymore?

Does morality  collapse in the face of reality?

I should be a speech writer for hussein.
Or maybe not…