thanks for nothing

Thanks, for allowing us to suffer a little longer.
…for allowing us to see a little more hypocrisy.
…for allowing us to hate more & for allowing hate to grow stronger.
…for letting us tolerate the Sickness, inherent.

… for letting us suffer the lies of politicians.
… for for the illusion.
…for letting us see death a little clearer,”24/7,” everyday.
..for letting us think we’re responsible.
..for the guilt to cripple us.
… for faux hope.
…for letting our cowards & liars rule.
..for the wall-to-wall wars in every generation.
…for the words of outrage and sympathy that mean nothing.

…for,~ the profit you made on our dreams~

and thanks for letting us endure another Day of hell on earth…
Thanks for nothing,


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