Personal enough?

Save your pussy-ass proclamations for someone else, huh. You came to me, punk.

But that ain’t gonna happen, is it smart guy? See, you’re smarter than the average nomf because reading is the only thing you’re good at; ask the wife. You’ve lost any personality a long time ago.

Truth is, you thought by reading everything you could get your hands on and being a pioneer w/ a pc, you’d find something out. That, ?knowledge was the great equalizer. That knowledge is a weapon.

Knowledge is an attachment son, that’s all. Truth is, with your knowledge it was only good for the odd cock-tale[sic] parties, and someone so weak-minded they thought you were a martyr. You’re a phony.

I can see your con(s) from a mile away and so can Dean’s World(whoever that is). I’m on to you like stink on shit because you amuse me, simple. I like to laugh.

At ease soldier. Save it for one of your underlings or a kid you can sway– I’ve seen it All.

Maybe someday we can sit down and have a beer together. Oh that’s right, I don’t drink.

Oh, and I ain’t worried about *tomorrow*, fact is, I’m sick of `em…


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