Freak will

Fuck free will

It’s no wonder we need  laws. People hate being told what to do…they live their lives in private anarchy.  Try autonomous rule sometime, lol. Good luck on that.

America already has a good base, good roots. But the 7 deadly sins are deadly– greed and ego ruins everything. Ask any politico. We’ve seen what greed and ego does to our own lives.  Why allow free will, when their actions  destroy everyone?

That’s what happens when you let thePeople run the show(autonomous). That’s what happens when you let the People decide. Impulsive idiocy. People can’t even control their own ki…

That’s what happens when you give the idiots a foot in the door. Like the door to public office. Cynthia McKinney comes to mind. Kwame comes to mind. Nagin comes to mind.  Feelings are just that, impulsive a fart.

That’s where religion tries to come in–values. But that’s not enough.

People are a bad invention.
Stay away from `em…

Good luck on that. We’re fucked!


2 Responses to Freak will

  1. ptg says:

    Ain’t democracy grand. Folks you wouldn’t turn your back on if they came to your door selling magazine subscriptions get to run your life.

  2. theLeft says:

    Maybe the collider will blow the fuck out of the country and we won’t have to worry about it.

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