Ask Adam

When I was young I used to think it was cool to hang with spades. I thot I could share the (imagined) oppression they were going through; so did a lot of my “colleagues.” Yes, the oppression was real,  but there was also a lot of it that was contrived. The reason I bring this up has a lot to do with the current murder rates in myTown.

Last week a drug deal allegedly went bad and people were killed. All the suspects were black. Also last week, a white kid was convicted of killing a spade chick in a drunken ?rage.

If negro was the only race in myTown the murder rate would appear astronomical. But because the ratio of white people are more than blacks, the murder rate is probably below an “average.” Now, either the oppression from the honkies is killing black people, for example making them commit crimes,  or they are using that mindset to mfg something that isn’t there.

As I mentioned in my 1st paragraph(imagined oppression), perpetuating the lie that “George Bush” don’t like black people is just that, imagined. Tell a lie long enough…

See, that’s what my colleagues and I were trying to instigate back in the 60’s; that oppression was the only reason. It didn’t work but it did make  inroads into recognizing that there was some oppression/bias/ prejudice going  around that could and should be addressed.

Today things haven’t changed a hell of a lot. In fact, these cry baby blacks are even more vocal about being mistreated. So much progress has been made from their whining, look who is a candidate for President for example, they refuse to see it and prefer to stay in a lying, lazy,  mindset that is taking them backwards instead of sailing them forward into the progressive future. Most are content to hang on to their tired old excuses because it’s easier.

And who’s destroying this nation of it’s culture? Who’s using their own version of stem cell?  Ask Adam.

That’s what I get for being ahead of my time…


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