As long as I, I can remember, Democrats have always been tagged as liberals. Democrats have always been pro civil rights.

Fuck lbj…”I’m in it for the legacy.”

Now it’s come to my retention(via talk radio & elsewhere) that Republicans are trying to turn that “fact” into the complete opposite– that it’s the Democrats who are racist, that it’s really the Republicans who are liberal.

During my demonstration days when we really DID something to try to turn the tide, the Republican mantra was always anti when it came to civil rights. They were proud of it.

It’s scary to see how this ‘fact’ has been twisted and how easy it was to twist. Politicians have been asking incredulously, “What has happened to our political system?”

Unrecognizable ain’t it.

Has it been talk radio responsible for this latest phenom? Has it been the incredible popularity of ‘politics’ lately? Has it been places like this thanks to the internet? Has it been the press? Or is it all about having earl simmons running for President?

I think it’s about all the above with one important addition. It’s about people from myGeneration finally seeing our trouble making and outrage  coming to fruition. The younger voters are hearing us. What we stood for in the 60’s is finally becoming clear.

Equality. It’s the Left that’s Right.

I think we’re moving more in the right direction, but we’re fighting a many-headed snake–It’s been set up that way.

I hope Barack Hussein McSame doesn’t blow it, because  it won’t end with him. Because now that we’ve got it, what are we going to do with it?


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