mission creep) look it up

Acorn. Why hasn’t that organization been investigated? Oh they are! Sooo I guess we’ll wait what, 5,6 years.
Same goes with AIG, etc, 10, 15 years we have to wait for a spanking? Because that’s all it will be.

I can just see it, big shots figuring who is going to take the rap. Then the rap will be ‘little’ time, and when the perp gets out, they’ll be “taken care’ of for life.

All this stuff happened on gwb watch. He’s already washing off rumors for war crimes, former dod secretary whats his name has been run out of France because they were going to arrest him. Rumsfeld…
Listen, where’s there’s smoke there’s fire.

In my town there was a thingy called the Franklin Credit Union scandal that involved the chief of police and big shots at the newspaper…guess what? They all walked– except the little guys.
Google that too.

I used to think Tim McVeigh was a monster


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