desoto mayer

“Capital punishment is associated with evident racism in our society.”

Racist, my ass…

Sotomayor Failed to Disclose to Senate Memo in Which She Argued Death Penalty Is ‘Racist’



5 Responses to desoto mayer

  1. ptg says:

    I’ll tell you who is racist. It is the ‘people of color’ who commit most of the capital crimes. Does she really think the jails are disproportionately stocked with negroes because of white racists? Hell, white folks bend over backwards trying to give negroes and other colored criminals a break. The jails are full of blacks because blacks are more likely to be criminals. As for the mexicans, a large percentage of them confirmed their criminal inclination by breaking the law to get here. White racism is nearly dead. There will always be a few, but the system isn’t racist any longer.

    Sotomayor and her ilk are the ones perpetuating racism. They do it either for profit or to effect their anti-white bias.

  2. juniorfruit says:

    Phuck yeah.

    I think “?she’s” really Hugo Chavez anyway….

  3. feet says:

    Don’t say fuck.

  4. ptg says:

    Naughty feet. OK, and…

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