SS raids

July 28, 2009


This son of a bitch needs to be deported…big deal, he lost his job; only gives him more time to recruit. (email the mother fucker, I am)

btw, whats the disposition for his crime ?

Probably nothing.


“too secret to reveal..”

July 11, 2009

Do We the people need to know everything that goes on in the WH? Yes. The answer is no; but we need someone, an ally, to know .
The secret 5 (Ashcroft, Yoo, former CIA Director George Tenet, former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card and David Addington, an aide to former Vice President Dick Cheney.) sound like little boys in their secret clubhouse. This article says most of the secrecy didn’t involve terrorism; well what did it involve, AP?

‘”But FBI agents told the authors that the “mere possibility of the leads producing useful information made investigating the leads worthwhile.”‘
The only piece of the intelligence-gathering operation acknowledged by the Bush White House was the wiretapping-without-warrants effort.

Bottom line?
If those idiots had never flown into the twin towers, I wouldn’t have anything to write about. Hence, secret treehouse experiments would have never come to be.

::: That damn W :::


July 5, 2009

Know what?

Both political parties are wrong. The democrats for getting this, “Don’t know nothing” BØ elected for spite.
The Republicans for, “acting up” for too long.
The only war is btwn these two. The 9/11 thingy was probably engineered, designed, on purpose.

All under the guise of, “country.”

In the mean time everybody suffers or dies.

I remember Nicargua, I remember the Bay of Pigs, I remember the polio scare. The bottom line is, you can’t trust anyone.

They’ve brainwashed your parents and grandparents to such an extent that we believe in something we can’t prove.

Ya gotta remember, the U.S. has only been civilized a couple hundred years.; that’s basically four generations. America is ripe for scams and lies.

Dig, tons of jobs have been going overseas. We’ve all heard about the problems these oversea jobs are causing, esp. to the ecology(pollution).
That’s why we let 20 million illegals walk across the border and take up digs over here; for the revenue we’re losing over there.

The above opines are two of the biggest concerns the American working class have– jobs overseas & illegal immigrants. And we the people can’t do a motherfuckin thing about it…

online romance?

July 1, 2009

Now that anybody who reads Alt house  will think they have a chance for online romance, because she’s going to marry a commenter on her blog, it looks like this blog is having a problem with guys hitting on her. e.g. Ben from politico.

I came across the blog because of the name dakiniKat.  I used to go to a buddhism chat room long ago  that had a dakiniKat. I don’t know that this is the same Kat, but it sounds like it.

Left, Right, in the middle? Like I said, ‘I used to go to a Buddhism chat room lon…’

check it out, I guess she’s a teacher so she has to be Sane, right?

California broke, officially

July 1, 2009

What do you expect from left tards?

Arizona ain’t far behind…