What I’m listening to today

August 29, 2009


Ted Dead

August 26, 2009


The rock of the family-Ahnold Scwartzenegger(sic)
Tell that to Mary Jo, Ted dropped her like a “rock.”

Fuck ted kennedy!

Bat shit Crazy

August 19, 2009

White-Nose-Syndrome_photo_mediumProblem of White-Nose Syndrome killing bats.
I say it’s torture….

via teleportation


http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/blogs/defense/index.jsp?plckController=Blog&plckScript=blogScript&plckElementId=blogDest&plckBlogPage=BlogViewPost&plckPostId=Blog%3a27ec4a53-dcc8-42d0-bd3a-01329aef79a7Post%3a735900ba-979e-4e5a-ba78-4ae7a255b062 Drone.

We build

August 14, 2009

and Contractor of the Year goes to:


Determined sadistic

August 13, 2009

First of all, Bush didn’t have the crazies Osama’ got. Wait till the anointed one gets a shoe thrown at him. and These town halls, probably a plant for the Dems. OrcastrateVille. We’ve already had one Nigra accused of a(traitor) setup. I forget the details…caught red handed.

But I could fetch `em; there’s a million out there.

bottom line:The American people aren’t buying what you’re selling, Osama.
Even some that probably  voted for your olive oil.
and All you dumb fux who voted historically, ought to be making up the diff in the economy.
…and Gates?!
New strain


It started w/ the chimp, Dr Gates–you  can’t help it.  All you can do is hate it.

determination by statistic

Get used to it Libs