…a little jumpy

September 18, 2009



Reckon he’s getting a little jumpy?

Yuk it up now,

September 17, 2009

Wait till they come for your computer.


Loud, combative…

September 14, 2009

Meet Brian, a Nigra from Pa.

and an ANGRY Nigra MISS
D.O.P.E. Run a piss ck, I guarantee it…

Nigra: Operative word.

But really, I remember Jimmy and McBrat.

And wtf is your function?

September 11, 2009

Haven’t heard anymore about that gang of 50 Nigra’s that assaulted the Joe Sixpack family out of Oh High O. You?

The link b-low is just a reminder what a NationOfMiserableFucks we are.