Hold that Tiger, Hold that Tiger…

November 30, 2009

Fuck the police




Wife, lol

November 28, 2009

Better not let Buick hear about that.

Pussy Woods.
Always did look like a ‘Johnny Mathias’ bitch if you ask me…


November 27, 2009

Big guns admit to abuse, Ireland said it warned `em, “Don’t get me ire up, lad(s).”

It was the cats meow back then. Everyone was doing it. Look at Hitler, Catholic priests, etc.

“You weren’t complaining when you were giving us an offering. .. Hell laddie, we thought you wanted us to keep them out of your hair. :Dint cha?”

See, everyone is a pervert, sadist, etc. Well, not everyone. Cops aren’t/.
blind eye, eh?
That’s like S&M, right,  Blindfolded, etc.?


November 26, 2009

Actually the pic here is of that nigra at the other tea party that was packin an AK & handDum.. They just stuck it up his ass this time.

Yup gettin wheeled around by a white nurse/attendent. TNBitch.


Detroit really is crap, but

November 20, 2009

I can dig this shit.

Detroit father does the right thing,
and Jamar Pinkney Sr. still goes to jail

His punk ass kid, 15-year old Jamar Jr. had sexually assaulted a 3-year girl- his sister!

I couldn’t live looking at the punk either…





The new black power, lol

November 19, 2009



Like, who gives a fuck!

Racist gets life for hate crime killing

November 16, 2009

What’s the # for the ACLU? or Al-Sharptongue, or Desi Jackson?

“…we have a population explosion of ideas, but not enough brains to cover them”