January 30, 2010,Opelousas


Shit hole

January 26, 2010

Old folk click —>

fuck haiti

Reminds me of Sarpy county

January 18, 2010

They have their own, or used to have, Joe ArpAio. Thomas was his name. Sheriff Pat Thomas. And he’s as dumb as he looks.

Sin-ce retiring, he’s already been in trouble with the liquor board. He resigned. I think the intimidation(lies) started and ended in GrandIsland, Ne. Called him on it.

Once I was at a party at a farm in Sarpy county, rural-like. Everybody was feeling no pain so we thought we’d climb the windmill. Midnight-like.

Here comes Thomas on ?routine patrol on a dirt road? He ordered everyone off the windmill. Private property. No crime. The Sheriff !

Hassle, because he could.

Like I said, Sarpy has their own Joe. Still love Joe? Then fuck you.

…which brings me to Martin Lucifer Kink Day and fuck Cliffie. Read the rest of this entry »

January 10, 2010

It’s because they like to profile with gangster appeal. Nigers are going to keep doing what they do,  cuz it’s what, ‘they do.’ Period!

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Oh Boy,here we go…

January 8, 2010

Another tnb. Typical.
They’re all bailing. Typical.

What was it he just said a couple of days ago?

” his string of idiotic statements,  poor fundraising numbers, shameless self promotion, and telling Republican donors who disagree with him to “shut up” and  “get with the program” — now says that he didn’t actually seek the chairmanship of the RNC in the first place.

I hate the word, “actually.” No matter who says it.

He doesn’t  realize he’s just another stat for affirmitive axeshun?

Or maybe, he just did.


January 7, 2010

Not Long Enough
3:22 PM 1/7/2010

Dig this lame excuse:
Arenas has maintained that he brought the four guns to Verizon Center and put them in a locked container to get them out of his Virginia home following the birth of his third child Dec. 9

and laughed about it !

Rent a storage unit !
four guns huh.

This is one dumb fuckin Nigra.


January 3, 2010

conservative estimates see our population reaching half a billion by mid-century and possibly 1 billion by 2100.

If estimates are conservative, they say we have 20million illegals today. That means another 80 million to make 400,000 peeps and another 100million illegals coming to make the US population half a billion(500,000). WTF ?!