conservative estimates see our population reaching half a billion by mid-century and possibly 1 billion by 2100.

If estimates are conservative, they say we have 20million illegals today. That means another 80 million to make 400,000 peeps and another 100million illegals coming to make the US population half a billion(500,000). WTF ?!


3 Responses to illegal

  1. Dad Bones says:

    Dang, and I still don’t know how to talk Spanich.

  2. theMickeys says:

    Perhaps the kinky kousin kould help.

    Ben Nelson just said he fucked up on voting for healtCAIR. Said he should have waited.

    This is the kind of ignorant fucks we have representing u.s.

    He’ll have a long time to think about it…forever.

  3. theMickeys says:

    Fuckin bas-tard

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