Reminds me of Sarpy county

They have their own, or used to have, Joe ArpAio. Thomas was his name. Sheriff Pat Thomas. And he’s as dumb as he looks.

Sin-ce retiring, he’s already been in trouble with the liquor board. He resigned. I think the intimidation(lies) started and ended in GrandIsland, Ne. Called him on it.

Once I was at a party at a farm in Sarpy county, rural-like. Everybody was feeling no pain so we thought we’d climb the windmill. Midnight-like.

Here comes Thomas on ?routine patrol on a dirt road? He ordered everyone off the windmill. Private property. No crime. The Sheriff !

Hassle, because he could.

Like I said, Sarpy has their own Joe. Still love Joe? Then fuck you.

…which brings me to Martin Lucifer Kink Day and fuck Cliffie.

I was a hippie. So fuck Cliffie right there. Pussy name. I was there re: civil rights. You forget, the youth were what drove this acTivism. W/O me, a long hair, there wouldn’t have ben the focus on civil rights, or sp. You built the stage eh, cliffie? At Woodstock?

re: ratzenburger,cheers, Cliffie.

MLK? Not all I’ve heard about Hymn is good. Which retracts from His character and big dick. You see Hymn  with different eyes.

I heard he’d fuck your mother. Oh, he was a groundbreaker there. Let’s make it a Day.


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