And they’re all white!

Church goers get arrested for doing what you ain’t got the balls to do.


4 Responses to And they’re all white!

  1. ptg says:

    We all know how many awful terrorist attacks have been perpetrated by these dangerous white Christians. I think I could count them on MY fingers. Can you think of anything bad that Obama’s Mohammedan friends have done?

  2. Jewnior says:

    Exactly, I don’t have that many fingers.

    Fire Dog Lake did the big trash on Conservatives, read it if you have time.

  3. Dad Bones says:

    Europeans are starting to stand up to Muslims in some places. I wonder if it will get to the point where they’ll be calling us Amerweenies?

  4. Fruit Junior says:

    ck out my new post mr.gum.

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