May 21, 2010

How sick and tired are you getting seeing these foreigners(iran,mexico) come here bashing the U.S.? Well I guess it apparently doesn’t bother you because they’re still coming. We have nukeKorea blowing up boats and killing our allies and nothing is being done about it.

Maybe Holder was right…you know, A Nation of Cowards


~You give Adolph a bad name~

May 3, 2010

In late 1936, Connecticut governor Wilbur Cross commissioned a “Survey of the Human Resources of Connecticut,” to be undertaken by Carnegie Institution researcher Harry H. Laughlin. The purpose of the survey was to bring ethnic cleansing to Connecticut in an organized scientific fashion. Laughlin was the perfect choice. He was editor of Eugenical News, a leader of the AES, and America’s most accomplished authority on preparing government-backed elimination of unfit families. After helping transplant his idea into Nazi Germany, he was awarded an honorary degree in 1937 by the University of Heidelberg.

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