no respect

November 5, 2010

Burrack Osama and kayne wst, two sides of the same coin. Somebody said that maybe West had matured, grown up. The President looked like he was really sorry(mid terms). Can we really trust the black devils?






November 5, 2010

Pull into Gyro’s and freak. You’re a cop in this town and it’s  the only place you and your punk-ass brothers in the department eat @–meat makes an animal out of you.

Tell Randy to make you a King Cobra Kong with extra meat. There are 4 patties on the bun.  They call it  a Gee-row, not Gyro.

Your glad you’re going to retire next month. Hell you’ll be almost 42 years old. With the full benefit plan you’ll be getting along w/ your inflated pension, you’re happier than a pig in shit(it’s not hoo u no, it’s hoo u blow).

Your twin brother is a  fireman and he’ll be cashing in too. You’re both going on a long vaca to Africa. Hell, you might even stay there.

Now they’ve got these-un new cameras that clock your speed- shit, we ain’t got to do nothin no more. That’s alright, my brothers deserve it.

I love America…