Pull into Gyro’s and freak. You’re a cop in this town and it’s  the only place you and your punk-ass brothers in the department eat @–meat makes an animal out of you.

Tell Randy to make you a King Cobra Kong with extra meat. There are 4 patties on the bun.  They call it  a Gee-row, not Gyro.

Your glad you’re going to retire next month. Hell you’ll be almost 42 years old. With the full benefit plan you’ll be getting along w/ your inflated pension, you’re happier than a pig in shit(it’s not hoo u no, it’s hoo u blow).

Your twin brother is a  fireman and he’ll be cashing in too. You’re both going on a long vaca to Africa. Hell, you might even stay there.

Now they’ve got these-un new cameras that clock your speed- shit, we ain’t got to do nothin no more. That’s alright, my brothers deserve it.

I love America…


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