Answer me

Does conversation put you at ease?
And what kind of conversation?

What topic,(s) and can you converse when you’re angriest?


8 Responses to Answer me

  1. The topic I get angriest about is the re election of this idiot we call the potus.

    Conversation bores me, I’ve heard it all.

  2. Zane says:

    Talk is cheep.

  3. Car Mann says:

    When I angriest I am just trying to convince you filthy hippies to get a job and quit smoking LSD

  4. -mary says:

    Newtie was right, take a shower and get a job; help the econopee…

  5. Sure IS a nation of cowards, huh?

  6. Car?

    :::: I thought he was dead ::::::

  7. Dead Kennedy says:

    He is!

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