Raisin Cain

Monkey boy H. Cain busted again; when are we going to ARREST this coon for adultry? Isn’t that still a crime? So, he’s gonna skate? You know he is, it’s the American Way.

Typical. A white whore and a black pimp.

Wouldn’t be so bad if HC paid her off instead of being so cheap. I mean the sex was probably marvelous. Yeah, right.

WTF, are all women blond?

I’m glad I’m a misogynist…I’m never disappointed.


5 Responses to Raisin Cain

  1. Louise Gay says:

    I hate black people, they ALL suck! Just like white’s.

  2. likes louise gay way

  3. Lorna Belle says:

    monkey man throws in w/ wRongney…what a surpri…

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