Happy, the time they got after ya Day

June 16, 2012

You just paid 10million for this condo upstate. Oh, you signed a lot of papers, you cant remember all of them you signed.

So today, Mr. Joe Hassle comes to your door wanting to know why they smell smoke every time they pass your juncture?

Hassle will tell you about the smoking ban you signed. He’ll tell you he’ll have to talk to mgt the next time he gets a report or smells smoke himself.

Tell JH if he ever comes to your door again you’ll snatch up his ass and bbq it on your patio. Watch w/ delight the veins pop in his neck and a little bit of drool proclivitate from his mouth.

Tell JH that if he ever tells anyone of this conversation you’ll fuck his dog too.

It reminds you of the time you got mixed-up with a horsie.

Happy, the day they got after you, Day