March 13, 2010
Must be scold week.
First it was Biden, now it’s Sarkozy.
If they want to be heard in the fight against protectionism, they should not set the example of protectionism.” Read the rest of this entry »

Iran could have nuke in a year, here we go again

May 1, 2008

Just in?
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April 2, 2008

Can Hillary be a quality person, an honorable person,  if she’s still married to whats his name? I say, no way. Can she govern, “ok?” `Prolly.

I think the kind of person most Americans want as a president, is someone who would have divorced him. But that makes her just as bad as him, because yshe needs that “power” dope. She’s an addict.


Or have things changed?

Would divorcing him have got her this far?
Or Is she in too deep?
And what  does infidelity  say to the World…anymore?

Does morality  collapse in the face of reality?

I should be a speech writer for hussein.
Or maybe not…

You cant handle it

March 22, 2008

NM Gov. Bill Richardson Endorses Obama

This “clue” ought to show you that hillary is fuckin d.o.n.e.

Richardson earlier this year was watching football games  with Bubba;”hangin out.” Think that would have happened if bubba knew he was linking w/ the magic negro? Now he official-like switched his support to Osama.

Thats right, it’s a Plot.
M&M’s  taking over the U.S.
Mexican & Muzzie
Richardson & Osama

Told you, you could’nt handle the Truth.