Stamp Dickley

March 30, 2008

Jim Dickley, ‘Stamp’ to his friends, was queer as a $3 bill. Stamp Dickley had lived in the same town all his miserable 36 years, and he was STILL queer. Did’nt even try to change!

You’d think a guy like this would move on, but, nooo. He got some kind of a kick out it. Seems he would do his best to flaunt it too. You kept hoping & praying  for god to destroy him, but it never happened; guess Rush was Right about wishin & hoping.

Oh, all the townspeople “knew” it, although they’d never seen him in a compromising position; but no one had ever seen him with a girl either.

You got tired of waiting on god to do his part, so you and a couple of the guys in town got together and started planning on how to, get this motherfucker.

You and the guys have gotten sorta mean in your old age. I mean, even if this guy never actually “came on” to anyone, you were convinced he didnt need to live in yourTown. Besides, the H.S. football team has had  losing seasons for 15 yrs- You needed a “cause.”


You cant handle it

March 22, 2008

NM Gov. Bill Richardson Endorses Obama

This “clue” ought to show you that hillary is fuckin d.o.n.e.

Richardson earlier this year was watching football games  with Bubba;”hangin out.” Think that would have happened if bubba knew he was linking w/ the magic negro? Now he official-like switched his support to Osama.

Thats right, it’s a Plot.
M&M’s  taking over the U.S.
Mexican & Muzzie
Richardson & Osama

Told you, you could’nt handle the Truth.

Billy Bean

March 6, 2008

Billy Bean ran a music store where I grew up- in the deep south. I think I first heard jazz, there.

Billy did a lot of buisness with country&western musicians . I guess cobb county had a lot of musicians. Jazz? At that time it didnt jazz me. I was 10 or younger.

Anyway, all the folk I knew that played, were all drinkers. They’d play in back yards or homes. They played c&w or polka stuff.  They were always fucked up-they looked Haggard N shit. They were all lazy too.

The 50’s had a good/healthy vibe musically; But in myTown I would have  never heard jazz had it not been for Billy Bean’s.

Kent Susan

March 6, 2008

Whenever my family went on vacation “us kids” would always want my mom to drive. The family joke was, “We’ll get there, if mom drives” She always drove 10/20 over. Anywhere!…and NEVER got a ticket. Gender profiling?
My dad was truck driver at the time and she always drove the speed limit. Slow. And yes my dad was a she.


automatic suck

March 6, 2008

Every time I upgrade my email account, all my email stops. No, I’m not going to play your addon , plug in , blah blah blah-I’m not going to do it.

Computers suck.

It’s not any fun anymore, just like life. Computers are an al-gore scam.