December 22, 2008



Snow from Portland to Portland, Maine to Oregon.

al-Gore still  running a scam on the nation. Further a political hoax. 90% of blacks vote for Obama and the word racism never comes up.

 T Boone gets in on it. Wall street fucks America w/ their $5k wristwatches that Obama got as a gift. New president buys election even though he can’t come up w/ a BC. Stain-less/ Chicago shows true colors. “Why, those old rumors of Chicage being a crooked town are just foolish.” Now you have the worminator wanting to run for president and a kennedy kunt wanting to make amends with her maker before she fucks America like Teddy wants her to. All federal regulators fired for not playing ball.Blame the unions for the big 3 foolishnesss.

And you bitch about Bush! You bitch about Cheney!

Stick your chewy logic.


Shave your mott

December 20, 2008

This is the third winter you’ve been out. The first two you lived in a box but this third year, you’ve graduated to a trailer.

The orange juice you’ve been drinking hasn’t been agreeing with your stomach, so I suppose you’re going to drop dead in a week or two. Bets have it you won’t last a fourth winter. Hope it don’t hurt  to die.

They’ll find you hard as a rock with a messy bullet wound in your head. Reckoning has it you’ve been dead a week. The lil doggy of yours licks the dried blood of your  wound and shivers with hunger and cold at the nape of your cold, dead,  neck…growling & whimpering–bravely defending your corpse.

You never amounted to shit in your life.  There are many reasons you can attribute  this to,  but won’t admit. You’re  good at blaming because no one listened to you anyway…and that’s what really hurt.

The drunk hunters that found you took the dog to train(or eat)–then they set the trailer on fire. They’d need to keep warm on this 3 dog night.

That’s how little men survive.

Because you need to see it again

December 12, 2008


Go to Hell

December 1, 2008

How does one negotiate with this?
Anti war protestors in AMERICA!