In the beginning, break it down

July 30, 2008

The Old Testament Biblical myth of the Garden of Eden, though not necessarily the best example, suffices to mythically demonstrate the (sub)stages of the “fall” (involution) from freedom into determinism as well as to demonstrate the progression of the early (substages of process. A pure and innocent Anthropos, Adam, located in the paradisical Garden of Eden with unlimited freedom, clearly represents lst substage “anthropotheic potential”. The creative extension of Eve from the rib of Adam, analogous to the linear charge or force of the “separated-but-attracted” subatomic proton and electron, symbolizes the 2nd substage “binding/desire principle”. The “Tree of Knowledge” of good and evil in the center of the Garden is analogous to the establishment in the atom of a nuclear center with a stable structure and represents the self-conscious knowledge and form of the 3rd substage “identity principle”. Complete banishment from the Garden (of freedom) into the ordinary physical world of constraint and law (determinism) where trial-and-error learning and responsibility of’ self-initiated action takes place, with the accumulation and combination of facts, represents the physical solidity of the ordinary world of molecular combinations and obviously symbolizes the 4th substage “combination/control principle”. Following this latter deterministic predicament, the New Testament introduces the “virgin birth” of the self-organizational anthropotheos (Christ) and the ascending substages leading to enlightenment (or anthropotheic realization).


July 7, 2008

It always amazes me the opinions of people who know it all. You can’t go anywhere and not find an expert or two about everything. When I grew up it was the guy who we called an armchair quaterback. I thought what they said was Absolute. Today it’s people like your talk show radio folk. They stand by though, while we watch it burn. We have an unstable economy according to these know it alls. We have an unstable economy because we’ve made the dollar our god. We have an unstable economy because of crooked corporations and the crooks in Washington– they’re untouchable. But everyone wants to know why these revered know it alls, who have all the answers, let our country fall so far.

We have an unstable economy because we’ve made the dollar our god.